At the session of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission held on 11 March 2020 in Tuzla, following a public hearing, the decisions on tariffs for distribution services and electricity supply within the universal service in the Brčko District of BiH were adopted, which will be applied as of 1 April 2020.

While determining the distribution tariff rates the actual costs of each customer category were fully taken into account, which is in the function of full electricity market opening.

The Decision on supply tariffs defines total electricity prices which include the distribution service. These tariffs apply only to households and commercial customers (other consumers at 0.4kV) that do not exercise their right to choose their supplier in the market.

Taking into account the approved costs for electricity distribution and the current energy values in the area operated by Komunalno Brčko as the distribution system operator, the average tariff for electricity distribution remains at the same level (5.57 fening/kWh), while the tariff rates for some tariff groups of customers and consumption categories have been changed in order to take into account the changes in consumption patterns and energy values which have occurred since the first setting of tariff rates for electricity distribution.

The average selling price for supply of customers belonging to the consumption category households increases by 4.5% while the increase for the category 0.4 – other consumers amounts to 0.5% in comparison the realised average prices in these consumption categories.

In the decision making process SERC took into account the Brčko District of BIH Government's Program that subsidies a part of electricity costs for vulnerable customers, which includes over 30% of households in that area.


The State Electricity Regulatory Commission is an independent and non-profitable institution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which acts in accordance with the principles of objectivity, transparency and equality, and has jurisdiction over and responsibility for transmission of electricity, transmission system operation and international trade in electricity as well as generation, distribution and supply of electricity for customers in Brčko District BIH.

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