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The State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) regulates the electricity transmission system in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has jurisdiction and responsibility over transmission of electricity, transmission system operations and international trade in electricity as well as generation, distribution and supply of electricity customers in Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The SERC’s jurisdiction includes:

  • issuance, modification, suspension, revocation, and monitoring of and enforcing compliance with licenses within its jurisdiction;
  • regulating, approving and monitoring tariffs and tariff methodologies for transmission services, ancillary services and operation of the Independent System Operator (ISO), as well as supplying electricity customers in Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • issuance of rules and regulations within its competency, including revision and approval of market rules and grid codes, and terms and conditions for connection and access to network;
  • establishment, monitoring and enforcement of rules related to fair and non-discriminatory third party access to the transmission network;
  • monitoring and enforcement of conditions related to inter­national trade in electricity, in particular ensuring that in­ter­national technical requirements are met and adhered to;
  • establishing, monitoring and enforcing quality stand­ards for electricity transmission and ancillary services;
  • coordinating and approving investment plans of the company for transmission of electricity, including the plans related to the transmission network and the quality of electricity transmission;
  • monitoring of the efficiency of mechanisms and methods securing the system balance between demand and supply of electricity;
  • consumer protection ensuring: fair and non-discriminatory treatment, high-quality services, competition and the prevention of anti-competitive activity;
  • resolution of disputes among system users, in accordance with regulatory powers and applicable State laws;
  • creation and maintenance of competitive markets when practicable, and prevention of any anti-competitive conduct;
  • approving mechanisms for dealing with congestions of the electricity transmission system capacities;
  • regulation of standards of service, codes of conduct and accounting requirements for licensees;
  • issuance of annual reports and other public information a­bout the SERC.

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